Invent, Introduce & Integrate

Invent, Introduce and Integrate


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We are known to be a group of naturally courious people. One side effect is that we do engage in product development at any given stage. We are interested in technology and technology transfer into patient centric useability structures. Our design thinking approach leads to quick results in the ideation process. Our business creation apporach is looking for value for patients and payers alike. But we do not neglect the necessity of revenue gain and top-line growth of industry partners involved. Our internationl network of partners comes in very handy upon matchmaking activities for startups with solutions and solution seekers with capital to invest.
PillBill (Patient Compliance)

PillBill is a full featured drug dispensing device that can function as a standalone or in conjunction with others such as iShrine. The concept is the fully electrified point of service and if applicable point of care access that will dispense drugs in a highly automatisized fashion with triple security features, identification with tumbprint and a phase IV study data plugin.

iDefi (Defibrillator for the Smartphone)

We have the vision that by 2020 no one needs to die of atrial fibrillation or other related cardiac conditions. Today the ER physician on average needs around 12 minutes to arrive at the scene. This is bad news for the dying brain tissue that in this case suffers from hypoxemia and has four minutes to go without irriversible damage. That is why we are refurbishing a piece of high-tech that almost everyone owns to make it a mobile life-saving agent. A defibrillator to be used in conjuction or as a stand-alone with your smartpohone.

iShrine (Patient Empowerment and Democratisation in HealthCare)

We conceived Snowwhite's mirror on steroids. The logic conclusion of the IOT reaching out to private places. The iShrine is the health-care hub for the concerned early adopter but soon will be standard across the board. Why waste the time in the bath-room and the space of a mirror and not get newsfeeds, traffic predictions, favourite radio or TV shows and of course a medial uplink into the full digital world of medical information and professional consulting with health-care professionals. iShrine sets the infrastructure for the electrification of the bath-room and the data sharing program that will enable services and security to finally reach out to the point of demand.

DataDonation for a Better Health

Bringing together, what belongs together has always been a major pasttime for human beings. Current expectations of Big Data Driven Health-Care are rooted in the assumption that the more data can be aggregated the more likely it is to detact patterns. These patterns can then be combined, statistically verified and made the basis of further targeted research. To get a critical mass of data it is necessary to consider data donation into independend data trustees. These data will be used to understand correlations and causalities and distinguish one from the other. Since data belong to the patient, the pay-off is for the patient get have an early warning system right at hand. So what you give will come back to you, because together we can make more sense.