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Communication is key. And you can not not communicate. This is why we put huge emphasis on interaction with stakeholders within a system and with shareholders within a company. Only a profund understanding of what the desired outcomes are and where we currently roam to start from can bring predictable success and add value to what we consider necessary doing.

HealthCare Innovation Labs, Innovation Boot Camps and Workshops

An innovation lab can be looked at as a part of continuing executive education. Test drive your startup acumen and get your ideas validated. Innovation labs usually run within companies and are a fix module in a strategic enhancement plan to make your business fit for the future. We work with real world challenges and real world coaches that know the rope about their businesses. At the end of an innovation lab you are looking at your environment from a completely new perspective. You will understand who your customer might be and how your future partners function. You will have a sharper vision of what you want to archieve and which steps to take on that journey.

Innovation Boot Camps will help you to exercise innovation ideation in a very condensed ambiente that is solely geared towards getting the best out of your system in the shortest time possible. You will be subject to a fireworks of impulses all to stimulate lateral and ambidextral thinking without getting rid of ambivalence, though. This is the quintessential setup of innovation in the workplace.

We also offer custom taylored workshops to suit your current needs and to get closer to the concept of health-care innovation as we understand it. Taking it little steps further might be advisable depening on how the innovation climate within your organization is.




Publication Partners and Project Partners in knowledge Sharing and Calls - Matchmakers in Innovation

Through our strong academic background we are also able to support you in your pursuit innovation and sustainability in health-care. This means we are offering custom taylored packages to address every single issue from ideation to business generation and match making.

We understand the imporance of participation at public calls and the necessity to document and publish results as a token of engagement in the innovation arena.