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Impulses have always been the start of something new. It is the impulse of the hammer that makes the nerve twitch and it is the impulse of the spoken word that makes people think. Our goal is to make you think about who is the beneficiary of your service and how to entail and incorporate the customer's perspective in what you are doing on a daily business. We are focused on health-care only, but we are exellent at that. Like neurologists, we will examine the neuralgic spots in your organisation and your portfolio for you to be able to prepare yourself for the times ahead and secure sustainable business growth and responsible innovation.


Moving Healthcare and Business Creation: Innovative Impulse talks and Key Notes

We count versatile and passionate speakers in our ranks, who share a common understanding about necessarily not agreeing with one another. This makes every appearance unique and provides unforgettable brain-tickling for those who embark with us on this journey.
If you are looking for highly skilled individuals who have shown proficiency of business acumen and shown a "can-do" attitude paired with the ability to bring the spark across to the audience upon giving a talk, we are sure not to disappoint you.


101 Sessions on Innovation Strategy in HealthCare

Time is always relative. And if you have relatively little of it, don't worry. We've got you covered. We have vast experience in working with Startups and major players alike. Each and every one of them brings new questions to the table. We will help you in settling these with an individually custom taylored package and very short notice.