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24 Nov 2015 - 09:30
Description of Venue : 
Why we need to empower patients: The main topic of this presentation speaks to disruptive and yet sustainable innovation in health-care that directly refers to patients and consumers benefits. Advances in technology push towards predictive medicine, which is rooted in big data (e.g. computer-generated biomarkers) and patient data-driven health-care. “In-Algorithmo-Diagnostics” will be one of the main drivers that will make health-care ubiquitous and thus give rise to democratization of health-care in the future. This reformation will change health-care, as we know it for the better through empowering patients, physicians and payers alike. Link to venue: http://www.healthtechevent.com/technology/tobias-d-gantner-healthcare-futurists-gmbh-presents-why-we-need-to-empower-patients/
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